Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Bedroom

Trying to photograph my place has just confirmed my belief I'm a crap photographer, but anyhoo.... here's my bedroom! The "art" above my bed is a vast and varied collection. There's a Wilco concert poster, a vintage paint-by-numbers, a few pics clipped from magazines, and a couple pieces my best friend's 3 year-old son made for me. The yellow mirror was originally white and I spray painted it. I got it at Home Sense for $25. When I saw it, I thought it looked like something you'd see in Domino. A few weeks later, I was flipping through some back issues of said mag and there was a black one nearly identical in style (just a foot wider). Price tag... $699! I was so proud. My nightstands are metal file cabinets that hold a LOT of stuff. They work well with my Cortina lamps. Oh, my Cortina lamps. I love them. Especially since I got them 75% off when a furniture store I used to work for went out of business. (Not that I was happy about the store closing, but 75% off lamps provided some comfort.)

The patchwork quilt at the foot of my bed was made for me several years ago by a family friend. It's awesome. The fabrics are all these funky patterns I'm sure she'd had since the 70's. There's a purple one that has "Help! I'm trapped inside!" printed on it. It still cracks me up. I don't know why.

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  1. Another brilliant person using file cabinets for bedside tables! We have ours labeled to suit our personalities -- my partner's just say 'My Stuff' on every drawer; mine go into great detail describing what's in each. And you're right, they hold tons of stuff!