Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Dining Room

This is my dining area (and a bit of the kitchen). The kitchen is probably my least favorite room, so I kind of avoid photographing it. I like white cabinets - just not these white cabinets. I'd like to reface them in a flat door with sleek stainless pulls. I'd also like to replace the laminate countertop and lino floor and get stainless appliances. Not happening any time soon. At least what's there is neutral enough to work around. I chose the paint as a nice pop of color against all the white. It's Pittsburgh Paints #255-4 Aqua Chiffon.

The dining room I'm pretty happy with. Yes, that's an Ikea Docksta table. The chairs are by Hothouse Design Studio - an Edmonton based company that sadly is no longer. (I used to work at their Calgary store.) The pendant lamp is the Norm 03 by normann Copenhagen. We probably get more compliments on that light than anything else we own. The teak cabinet my mom bought for us at an estate sale. (Good score, Mom!) The purple canvas above is intentionally hung a little low in order to hide an ugly phone jack. I painted the teapot painting in the corner.


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  2. Oh, Tara... You're kitchen and dining area are so lovely. Don't focus so much on the fact that you would prefer to have slightly better cabinets. The ones you have don't disctract at all from the rest of your design. And that teak cabinet (your mom is awesome) looks brilliant with the lavender tapestry. You've totally inspired me today. Thanks!

  3. Jesse Lu, you are awesome! Thank you so much. You have made my day!