Monday, June 22, 2009

Abandoned Buildings

Yes, it's a little blurry - I took this pic through the window of a moving vehicle.

Eva of Otis & Frank just posted today about this website she came across - 100 Abandoned Houses. I find abandoned buildings so intriguing. I always wonder what they looked like before they were abandoned, the people who may have inhabited them, and how they came to be abandoned. This pic is of the Michel Hotel in Michel, British Columbia. Michel is an old coal mining town that has virtually become a ghost town. My dad actually lived there for a year when he was five (63 years ago) while my grandfather tried his hand at a coal mining. (I never had the chance to meet my grandfather - he passed away many years before I was born.) The hotel is right by the highway and I have driven past it many times. I can't help but wonder what that it used to be like and if my grandfather ever stopped in for a drink after a long day in the mines.

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