Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dandelion Dresser via Iannone Design

Mod Lodge Sideboard via Modern Karibou

Block-O-Drawers via Iannone Design

Cork Mosaic Sideboard via Iannone Design

I know I've seen the Dandelion Graphic Dresser from Iannone Design before, but I wasn't familiar with their other designs until I spotted the Mod Lodge Sideboard today. I quite enjoy it. Maybe being Canadian makes me partial to anything with a moose on it. After checking out Iannone's website I discovered several other great pieces, too. The Block-O-Drawers and Cork Mosaic Sideboard being two of my favorites. And the fact they're all eco-friendly is never a bad thing. If you're in Canada you can also purchase several Iannone pieces here at Modern Karibou. (Actually, they will ship to foreign countries as well. But I'm sure there are lots of other sources if you feel so inclined.)


  1. great canadian resource, thanks! (i love their baby furniture)

  2. I know, hey? Almost makes me wish I had a kid...