Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Stuff

My friends Michelle and Garrett just got married on Saturday. They are one of the sweetest couples I know and their lovely wedding suited them perfectly. (I have no pics as I forgot my camera!) I was very flattered when they asked me a few months back if I would help with a couple of their decorating issues. One thing they needed was a "Just Married" sign for their car. I made this one from a piece of foam core and a long chain of fake flowers I attached with green floral wire. I am not a fan of fake flowers, but when I'm making a sign to hang from the back of a car for a day, I think an exception can be made.

They also needed a container of sorts for the gift table to hold cards. I had seen a card box at a shall-remain-nameless craft store that was shaped like a treasure chest and covered in cheap white satin. Um... no. A cute couple like Michelle and Garrett need something cuter than a cheesy treasure chest. I found a fabric-covered box at Ikea that was the perfect shade of green (their colors were forest, emerald and apple green). I cut an opening in the top and decorated as you see in the photo. They were really happy with it, which made me really happy! It also cost considerably less to make than it would have cost to buy the craptastic one at the craft store.

The photo album was a little something I surprised them with as part of their wedding gift. I bought a plain fabric-covered album at Michaels and decorated it in a similar way to the the card box. Weddings are a great excuse to indulge one's crafty side. I suspect I'll be indulging a lot when my sister starts planning her wedding. This was good practice.

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