Friday, July 3, 2009

So maybe cowboys can be cool.

If you are at all familiar with Calgary, you probably know about the Calgary Stampede. The 10 day event kicks off today. I've got to be honest - as a native Calgarian, for me the Stampede lost it's lustre many years ago. I can't stand country music, I'm not a fan of rodeo, and midway rides give me motion sickness. One of the few bright spots in Calgary's cowboy culture is the work of local artist Drew Sage Hunter. (He also happens to be a friend.) Drew's Cowboy Series turns typical western art on its ear. His work is bold, with a great use of color and pattern that is totally modern. And fun - with titles like "The Good, The Plaid, and The Ugly" and "Dead Men Don't Wear Floral." Designer Sarah Richardson has one of his paintings in her dining room, which has been featured in Canadian House & Home and on MTV Canada's "Cribs". You can see more of Drew's work on his website. Now, If I could just find a way to get me a bag of mini donuts without actually attending the Stampede...

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