Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm dreaming of a new sofa.

Crate & Barrel's Rachel Sofa

Crate & Barrel's Azure Sofa

Crate & Barrel's The Nines Sofa

EQ3's Byrd Sofa

EQ3's Tavern Sofa

I may possibly need to get a new sofa next year. (If my sister and the fiance need ours I've told them they can have it. Aren't I so nice?) Sooooo.... if I do need one, it has to be a good blend of practicality, durability, affordability and comfort - while still being stylish, of course. These could all be contenders I think.


  1. I’m not sure if you bought one yet, but I would definitely go with Byrd. It has a mid-century modern feel to it.

  2. ive looked high and lo and danish and american room and board. if you are really going to use it u have to sit on it. all the rest are mush. byrd is taut with leather but not sleek. mush means sag and wrinkle. i warned u. gluck.

  3. I have EQ3's Tavern. It does not keep its shape. It will sag.