Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Mom

Mom, my sister & I on my sister's wedding day.

This is an incredibly difficult post for me to write. On September 25, my mother passed away after a 13 year struggle with kidney disease. Suzanne Audrey Pallay was the most amazing, kind, courageous, and loving woman I have ever known. She was an extraordinary person and she was dearly loved by so many. She was just the best.

I am so thankful to have an incredible family and wonderful friends to lean on during this difficult time. One friend sent me this lovely message:

"Remember, in most ways we represent the best in our parents. You are a reflection of her - kindness, generosity, caring and grace are all found within you, gifts your mother gave you. Always be the woman your mother helped you become and you will continue to honor her life... P.S. also lots of style as well but I’m not sure if that’s your mother's doing or just something you got on your own."

If I do manage to display any of these characteristics to any degree, it is without a doubt because of my mother. She possessed all of these qualities in spades. Our personal styles may have differed in many ways, but I can certainly count her as one of my biggest influences - whether consciously or not. I love to use the color blue. In fact, I have had my hand slapped at work for using it too often. Blue was my mom's favorite color. We also shared an appreciation for antiques. I remember a family vacation several years ago when we took a detour through New England on our way to Mom's home province of Prince Edward Island. We made my poor father pull over at pretty much every antique store we passed. I have so many great memories of my mom, and I am so thankful for every moment we had together. I just wish there could have been many, many more. I will miss her every day.

My mom was able to see my new condo a couple of times. She was so supportive and encouraging about me buying it. She kept telling me, "I really think you're going to be happy there." As I work at making my house a home, I keep reminding myself of that. All she ever wanted was for her family to be happy, and I want to create a happy home not only for myself but to honor her.

I love you Mom.


  1. Hey Tara,

    This was a very touching post and a great tribute to your mom.

    I hope you plan on keeping your blog going. I know Ang and I enjoy reading what you have to say.


  2. Thanks Kevin. I'm going to try to start posting on a more regular basis again. I appreciate the encouragement :)

  3. Hey Sister,
    So glad to see that you're back on your blog! Of course this post made me cry, but some of the tears were happy ones. You are so much like Mom in so many ways... you are kind, caring, generous, funny and stylish!
    You will be happy in your new home... and, Mom will be watching over us to help us find a little piece of happiness every day.
    Love you lots!

  4. Aw Christie, now you're going to make me cry! Thank you, my lovely and amazing sister. I love you too.