Friday, February 18, 2011

Condo Update

So here's a little preview of how the condo's coming along. The table is from Ikea. It extends to seat four people. There are three other chairs. The seats on the chairs used to be brown, but the wrong brown to match the table. (Oh and the table is the same color as the pantry you see in the background.) I was planning to paint the chair seats and I maybe still will. Eventually. The thing is, the melamine paint I planned to use really stinks, and it's a tad cold out to open windows. So... I kinda cheated. I painted the edges with white acrylic paint and covered the tops with white contact paper. I may end up painting the green knick knack thingies too, but I haven't picked a color yet. The teapot painting (which I did a while ago for my old place) is covering up the ugly old intercom that doesn't work anymore. Notice the red 'S'? Yes, it's this one I blogged about. Turns out having a blog is a great way of inadvertently giving your friends Christmas gift suggestions ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shiny, Happy Colors

The Style at Home/Home Hardware/Home Furniture Booth

The Style at Home Booth - wall mural by Alanna Cavanagh

Modern Weave Rugs

New Caribbean Design Guyana

Planters at the Urban Mode Booth

It was warm here today. It's supposed to be warm for the next several days, actually. Things are thawing. Stuff's melting. I know winter isn't over, but it's a little reminder that spring will arrive eventually. Which has me thinking about bright, cheery colors. There were some great pops of color on display at IDS. No, I'm not done milking it yet. There was a lot of stuff there, okay?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Not a gig for the claustrophobic.

There was a model in here, but she snuck out the back.

Cambria quartz had a rather creative display idea at their IDS booth - designed by Ramsin Khachi. They had four little room "exhibits" behind glass, complete with live models. It was kind of like interior design show meets natural history museum. Sorry the pics are so crappy. Combine my mad-dashing with zero photography skills and reflective glass, and well...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My whirlwind trip to IDS

So I just got back last night from my work trip to Toronto. It was mostly a buying trip (Toronto Gift Show), but we managed to get in a quick tour of IDS 2011. Yeah, it was really quick. I was snapping as many photos as I could while trying to keep up with my speed walking boss :) In the end I managed to take over a hundred photos. As I weed through 'em I'll post the goodies. These are a little taste from the Snob booth. I'm planning a new showhome with black, white and gold accents (paired with gray), so this display really grabbed my attention. I love the combination of modern and ethnic pieces. Does that make me a snob?