Monday, January 23, 2012

The Uptown

Images by Judith Umbach via Calgary Public Library

The cover article from the latest issue of Swerve is one that really resonated with me. Written by Jeremy Klaszus, the article is about the hard times that have fallen on Calgary's first skyscraper, the Barron Building, and the Uptown Theatre. This great building and its equally great theatre are stuck in the middle of a messy court case. The Uptown has had to close its doors, and its future is uncertain. (You can find out more by reading the Swerve article for yourself right here.)

I loved the Uptown. It was my favorite movie theatre in the city. I loved the character and history of the place. Its grandeur may have been slightly faded, maybe a little rough around the edges, but that only added to its charm. I'd rather see a movie in that great old theatre than some shiny new megaplex any day. I have great memories of seeing great films with great friends in that theatre. I hope I will be able to again someday. A Facebook page, Save the Uptown, has been set up. If you feel like I do, maybe you should check it out.

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