Monday, April 30, 2012

So my neighbours won't think I'm a shut-in.

A.  Pillow from Twisted Goods

B.  End Table from Superstore

C.  Umbra Loft Chair from Canadian Tire 

D.  Planters from Homesense

I never used my balcony last summer. Not once. I never got around to furnishing it. At all. I also have a habit of keeping my drapes closed. A lot. It's partially due to an irrational fear of being spied on by my neighbors. But it's also because looking at an empty balcony is depressing. So this year I plan to do something about it. See exhibit A thru D above - items I have recently purchased for said balcony. I'll post more photos when it's actually all on the balcony. When we have some consistently warm weather. Which will hopefully be soon. Hopefully.