Monday, April 30, 2012

So my neighbours won't think I'm a shut-in.

A.  Pillow from Twisted Goods

B.  End Table from Superstore

C.  Umbra Loft Chair from Canadian Tire 

D.  Planters from Homesense

I never used my balcony last summer. Not once. I never got around to furnishing it. At all. I also have a habit of keeping my drapes closed. A lot. It's partially due to an irrational fear of being spied on by my neighbors. But it's also because looking at an empty balcony is depressing. So this year I plan to do something about it. See exhibit A thru D above - items I have recently purchased for said balcony. I'll post more photos when it's actually all on the balcony. When we have some consistently warm weather. Which will hopefully be soon. Hopefully. 


  1. I'm so dumb, I read this, and I thought the title said "So my neighbors don't think I'm a slut!" I was like, why would her neighbors think she's a slut?!

  2. LOL! Well that's another reason to keep my drapes closed ;) Kidding!